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Chinese Nursing Society National venous transfusion treatment nursing academic exchange conference successfully concluded
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2015 China Nursing Association and the Chinese Journal of nursing care in the Chinese Journal of nursing academic exchange conference held in Shenyang in, the company as the exhibitors to participate in the meeting, the theme of this conference is the standard and quality, invited a number of well-known domestic and foreign experts at the conference to share lectures and the general assembly. For nearly 2000 clinical nursing teachers and exhibitors to provide the industry academic exchange, product display, clinical application of international platform.

The general assembly of the main products of our products are: one-time use of venous indwelling needle, the central venous catheter inserted into the central venous catheter, a one-time use of flow set up a fine tune type infusion device, a one-time use of the transfusion connector (no needle joints), one-time use of the plug, a one-time use of the extension tube. Our quality of care products get the recognition and praise from numerous clinical nursing teachers, especially with peripherally inserted central venous devices managed to get the foreign experts of the conference: British official static therapy nurse consultant Andrew Jackson's attention.



My company's care products have attracted the attention of a large number of clinical nursing teachers.

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